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1955 Hummingbird 16'

"Hawaiian Nectar"

If “All Original Perfect” is what you are after, this is it!! The only restoration is the outside paint a couple of years ago. The interior is ALL original as made in the factory 54 years ago!! We have seen nice interior wood before but this one is UNBELIEVABLE!  Restoration couldn’t make it better. The pics say it all. There are NO rain leaks and NO bad wood anywhere. Please remember, there are nice original antique trailers out there, and I have seen many, but this example is absolutely pristine. I am the second owner and the original owner took GREAT pride in this gem and it shows everywhere.

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1963 Vintage Airstream Tradewind 24'
Beautifully Restored

"Life is Good"


This is a VERY nice vintage Airstream travel trailer that pulls like it’s not even there. The new oak wood and finish is better than most people have in their homes. It gleams!! This vintage beauty has seen very little use before I restored so it was an awesome canvas to “create” on. The floor is rock solid and there are no rain leaks. The outside aluminum polish could be used by you ladies as a reflection to put your lipstick on or you guys to shave in. Either way………………..


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1952 Airstream Cruiser 24'

"Hawaiian Dreamin"

ALL Original not yet restored

This is another rare find. When we view vintage Airstreams we normally see 7 aluminum panels on the outside roof end cap, 3 on either side and one in the center. In the early 1950's only a few were made with 6 panels on either side and one in the center. This one IS the VERY rare 13 panel !!! There are 13 panels on both end caps in the inside as well !! It looks very cool and HIGHLY increases its current and future value.


This is currently a "diamond in the rough" as the pics show its current condition. It will receive the typical "Vintage Trailer Crazy" treatment very soon. This beauty is the next

one in the restoration lineup.


When this minor restoration is complete,

it'll be a super "Head Turner"!!


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1967 Avion 26'


“The Bistro”


This pristine beauty gives a WHOLE new meaning to the word “restoration”. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is either new or restored.


The history of this magnificent “blast from the past” is the most interesting part. It started out life in 1967 as a show trailer for Avion (not built to sell) meaning it went from trailer show to trailer show demonstrating the latest and greatest from Avion. It was transported in a truck to keep it clean during hauls. In the pics, you can still see the “now faded” destination points on the outside body. It was the flagship of Avion for 4 years when it was sold to the previous owner in 1971. He then kept it as an occasional retreat under a wooden cover and in the shade. For the next 35 years this is where it lived. So far virtually NO miles were ever put on her and VERY little use.


When the second owner (a highly recognized hot rod builder) acquired her in 2007 he went immediately to work adding modern conveniences while retaining the charm of the period. Good thing he was a VERY experienced builder who worked for free or this vintage beauty would have to be priced at $40,000. It is an ABSOLUTELY perfect vintage trailer with all the modern conveniences. Truly a beautiful timepiece with all the charm of yesteryear!!


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