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1968 Vintage Airstream Tradewind 24'

"Over the Top" Restoration

 “Back to the Beach!!”

Some restorations are just “flat-out OVER THE TOP”!!. This is it! This beauty needs NOTHING and has new EVERYTHING!! Self contained with sleeping for 4 adults.


Over $28k of improvements PLUS the initial cost of trailer. This beauty was first gutted and then rebuilt retaining the vintage feel.

It is truly ready to go

“Back to the Beach”!!


For price, specs and pictures please see


1959 Boles Aero 24'

All original!!

 “Ready to Rock!!”

Boles Aero made superb trailers and this one is no exception. It looks very similiar to the 1955 Boles Aero on our "Home Page" except this one has 2 tandem axles.


This beauty has just finished receiving its outside polish that truly hurts the eyes!! This is a perfect example of a vintage trailer that was stored inside its entire life!! It's a time capsule just waiting to reveal its wonderful secrets!


It sleeps 4 adults very comfortably, has a full bathroom and is one of the very first of the totally self contained vintage trailers. This was a VERY expensive trailer when built!


The inside is all original with PERFECT everything!!


Pictures are coming soon on this gem!


1950 Westcraft "Trolley Top" 24'

"Museum Quality" Restoration

 “The Elegante!!”

What can I say about the best built vintage trailer on the planet? Westcrafts were originally marketed to the Movie Star set, the Goodyears, the Vanderbilts, the Firestones. If you had a LOT of money you might have been lucky enough to arrive in your personally chauffered trailer.


Of course, in those days you could ride in the trailer sipping martinis while your chauffer was navigating the road up front in your new Cadillac or Lincoln Zephyr!! Now THAT was camping!!


At the time Westcrafts were built they cost as much as 2 (that's right, I said 2) new, Los Angeles tract homes!! Now that's expensive. The interior wood finish work was only matched in the high end yachting world. If you think Airstream coined the word "Land Yacht" they missed the boat ... (ok, bad pun). All kidding aside, Wally Byam of Airstream only wished he could build such a piece of art. Now I've probably upset all you Airstream "die hards" but don't forget I also love Airstreams and own a few.


But we all have to admit, Westcrafts are in a

"League of Their Own!!


Pics will be coming soon on this MAJOR art piece!!


1965 Shasta 12'

Full Restoration

“Flicker, Flicker, FLASH!!”


This is a VERY nice vintage travel trailer that pulls like it’s not even there. It only weighs 900 pounds and could be pulled with a pair of roller skates!! The interior shows absolutely NO WEAR anywhere. Most people think the appliances are brand new. They are THAT perfect. This restoration started out as a pristine example of a very well preserved vintage trailer and then taken to the next level. It is ready for its next adventure!


For price, specs and pictures please see

1949 Westcraft Trolley Top 26'

"Friendly Service at"

Westcraft "Trolley Tops" are “theeeeeee” most highly sought after vintage trailer on the planet!! The very unique trolley top is reminiscent of San Francisco cable trolley cars or the 1800’s railroad Pullman cars where Presidents of the USA rode in style. Even when these vintage trailers were new only the "rich and famous" could afford them as they cost as much as TWO new Los Angeles suburban homes. They were definitely the Rolls Royce of trailers. They were also built VERY well. Just looking at the still-beautiful wood interior will quickly demonstrate to the viewer the superior craftsmanship of this work of art. And after 60 years of living outside it has not developed even one rain leak!!!!
This vintage beauty is truly a survivor and is UNTOUCHED and is in its ORIGINAL very complete condition!

For price, specs and pictures please see


1964 Oasis 17' Restored

Interior is all original in AWESOME condition!!

“Blue Hawaii”


Normally we NEVER advertise a vintage trailer before it is done. But this one is so original and SO perfect we thought we'd make an exception.


This is a VERY nice vintage travel trailer, WITH a bathroom, that pulls like it’s not even there. We’ve stripped the outside paint and polished it to a mirror shine. It has upgraded plumbing so now all the water runs off a new 12v water pump making it totally self contained. The floor is also VERY solid. There are absolutely NO rain leaks anywhere thus all the interior wood looks brand new.


For price, specs and pictures please see