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1963 Vintage Airstream Bambi 16’

All Original in Perfect Condition

and Highly POLISHED


“Tropical Treat!!”


This is the highly coveted and VERY sought after Vintage Airstream Bambi!! This Bambi is one Tropical Treat!! Check out the same Bambi at the prestigious New York Museum of Modern Art at!! This is an all original, perfect condition and newly polished beauty. This beauty is fully self contained and ready to go. The pics are preliminary, as it will soon be getting wide white walls, 1950’s hubcaps and other goodies!!


For price, specs and pictures please see


1963 Airstream Tradewind 24’

RESTORED back to 1950’s appeal


“Cruisin' Oldies!!”


There are restorations and there are restorations. This is an unbelievable, OVER THE TOP, “Body Off” restoration!!! What that means is the trailer was first gutted, then the body was removed from the frame and sat on the ground. Then new sub floor was built on the frame. The body was reinstalled and the entire interior was rebuilt and reinstalled just like it was from the factory!


For price, specs and pictures please see



1958 Shasta 16’

All Original in Perfect Condition


“Hot Rod Heaven!!”


This is the highly coveted and VERY sought after Shasta with the famous wings!!  This is all original and in perfect condition. Even the original curtains and upholstery are intact. Now THAT is amazing! In retrospect, just invision what's left of a 1958 Chevy that is left outside for 50 years like this Shasta has! It is absolutely amazing how this beauty has stood up to the test of time. The pics are preliminary, as it will soon be getting an inside / outside detail and polish!!


For price, specs and pictures please see


1957 Shasta 12’

Refurbished and HIGHLY Upgraded


“Lobster Bisque!!”


This is the highly coveted and VERY sought after Shasta with the famous wings!! 

Previous owner converted all 110v lighting to 12v and added an additional fresh water tank, a 12v electric water pump and a custom installed propane water heater. Thus we have a TOTALLY self-contained vintage trailer with cold AND hot running water This is the smallest of the coveted Shastas and ONLY weighs 900 pounds!! You could pull this one with a skateboard!!

Everything works perfectly and is ready to go vintage camping!!!



1955 Turf Rider Golf Cart

Restored for the Los Angeles Rams football team


"Let's go Cruisin"


This is a VERY nice restored vintage electric golf cart that was restored for the Los Angeles Rams when the Rams were located here in LA. The "Ram" mascot would come out on this little gem and ride around the field at half time!!

If you watch football you have probably seen this cart on TV.


It's a crowd pleaser at every "Hot Rod Cruise" it cruises in!! More attention is given this little guy than all my hot rods

and vintage trailers combined!!


For price, specs and pictures please see


1946 Ford Super Deluxe

Tudor Sedan

Restored and ready to pull your next vintage trailer!


"Rockin' and Rollin"


You've been looking at vintage trailers so why not a VERY cool "trailer yanker" to pull it with? Now that's stylin.



When this car was ordered from the factory it came with the optional V8 239, 90 horsepower motor, 2 sun visors, optional clock, optional radio and optional outside brightwork trim. This is a fully restored car back to 1946 specs with a rebuilt V8 Flathead motor, rebuilt 3 speed trans and new mohair upholstery. The radio is AWESOME as it is the original AM converted to AM / FM / 6 CD Changer retaining the original look and functionality!! Now this takes creativity.

No additional pics posted yet but coming soon.