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1949 Curtis Wright Vintage Trailer 22'
“Over the Top” Restoration WITH Bathroom
Themed as:    “Come Fly With Me”
Following World War II Curtis Wright was very busy. He was an airplane manufacturer and was rushing to cash in on all the surplus military planes. Wind tunnels had yet to be invented on a grand scale so he’d take his new designs to the Mohave Desert in California to test them. But sleeping and doing business in tents just didn’t “get it”. So, like the movie directors of the time, he decided to “up his game” and build himself a portable trailer. He told his engineers to build it as light as possible and build it just like an airplane minus the wings!! And, wow, did they build him a trailer…he loved it. Loved it so much that he thought this could be another profitable business model. After all, all the returning veterans wanted to travel the country now that the USA was so prosperous. So, they built a few trailers, hoping for the best. Unfortunately, “hoping” wasn’t the best idea because they didn’t know how to sell and were stuck with a “loser” proposition. Thus, the “trailer business” arm was almost the total demise for Curtis Wright. Fortunately for him, a few guys had broken off from Airstream and formed a company called Silver Streak. But they needed an inventory and materials. So the new Silver Streak Company in 1950 bought Curtis’s entire inventory. And subsequently, in 1950, they took off the Curtis Wright logos and added Silver Streak Clipper logos. Silver Streak made this style of trailer until 1954 and then changed the styling completely to look like just “another Airstream”.
Consequently, there are VERY FEW original Curtis Wrights out there. And yes, they have become VERY collectible.
Our example is an “Over the Top” restoration of an ORIGINAL 1949 Curtis Wright with modern upgrades that are totally hidden retaining the gorgeous styling and ambience of the original beautiful design.
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