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1963 Vintage Airstream Globetrotter 19’
Restored Vintage Travel Trailer For Sale

“Tahitian Treat”

Vintage Airstream Globetrotters are few and far between, ESPECIALLY ones that are as PERFECT as this one!! It was restored and never went anywhere. Sitting and waiting to go camping was all it ever did. This is DEFINITELY the “Tahitian Treat”!!!

The pics don't yet show the AWESOME outside polish it just received! It now looks like chrome.

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1957 Corvette 15’ 

 Restored Vintage Travel Trailer For Sale

"Corvette Beach Party!!"


This is a PRISTINE, awesome restoration in Yellow and White scheme. The restorer took meticulous pains to be sure this was an accurate, period restoration. Even the curtain material (Barkcloth) and booth material (cracked ice vinyl) were “NOS (new old stock)”! The outside “Corvette” badges were custom made from original artwork. The floor vinyl is original and doesn’t even have a scratch!!


The bed and ceiling height is designed to accommodate people up to 6'5" in height!! No other "canned ham" style of trailer offers this. If you're this tall, you KNOW this is a BIG deal!! And if you're not this tall, just think of the extra room you'll have.


It is ready to go vintage camping.


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1957 Boles Aero Mira Mar 18'

“Happy Hour”

Boles Aero trailers are built like an Airstream with riveted outer aluminum panels and aluminum ribs. They didn’t use the traditional screws holding the outer panels on like the “Canned Ham” style of trailer. They also used a much higher grade of aircraft aluminum. Thus it is a much more solid trailer fifty years later.

The big difference between the Boles Aero and traditional “Silver Palaces, i.e. Airstream” is the inside where all wood is used like your traditional "Canned Ham" style of trailer. Thus it offers that cozy “cabin” feeling. There were far fewer Boles Aeros made so consequently, they are much rarer.

This Mira Mar is VERY rare due to its floor plan. The kitchen is across the front along with the FULL bathroom. "Yes sirree Bob", it indeed has a shower and toilet in here!! And the shower doesn’t look like it has ever been used!

The 4-person booth is located on the side across from a full two-door fridge. There is a HUGE picture window where you would become mesmorized at the scenery while sitting at the booth...very nice! In the rear is room for a queen mattress. Add the “His and Hers”  floor to ceiling closets and throw in the original, very 1950's original appliances and you have a winner!

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1951 Silver Streak Clipper 22'

Now here’s a RARE find!!

"The Rocketeer"

All original Silver Streak Clipper 22' VERY retro and VERY rare travel trailer in great original shape. This Silver Streak is the same shape as the 1930’s Airstreams! It looks like “Alien Eyes” from the front and rear. This one has seen very little use. There is virtually no wear on the inside or the outside. It just sat for 55 years!!!!

If you want a "Buck Rogers" trailer that'll "turn major heads" this is it!!

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1955 Dalton 13' Vintage Travel Trailer

"Happy Trails To You!!!"

This is a fine example of an early 1950’s “canned ham” style of trailer that was virtually forgotten about!!!. This one, fortunately for us, didn’t go anywhere!! It is in awesome condition and needs very little. Unlike most trailers of this era and type the rain NEVER got in to stain the wood around windows and the ceiling vent!!

The kitchen  cabinets are an awesome, rounded Art Deco design. I have seen a lot of trailers and these are the nicest cabinets I have ever seen. Dalton definitely made superior cabinets.

It is ready to go vintage camping.

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1946 Rascal RESTORED Vintage Travel Trailer 12’

“Rock ‘n Roll and Ready To Go”

Completely restored RARE Vintage Trailer that tows as well as it looks!! VERY light trailer at only 1200 pounds. New retro lighting adds the perfect romantic touch. Wait until you see the bathroom!! Everything has been done on this little beauty. It is ready for “Rock and Roll and Ready to Go”!!

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